AuditFile Collaborate Live!

Now, more than ever, the ability to collaborate while working remotely is critical. Our goal is to deliver easy-to-use, cloud-based tools that give audit professionals the flexibility to work when, where, and how they choose.

Collaborate Live!

AuditFile Collaborate LIVE is a growing new feature set to help remote teams stay connected. The foundation of Collaborate LIVE is the ability for remote teams to view and edit everything in real time without the need to download or use desktop tools. More specifically, multiple users can access and edit Word, Excel, and PDF workpapers in real-time without creating version conflicts or “lock-out” situations.
  • The ability to live edit PDF files is new for 2020 along with significant improvements and updates to the live edit experience for Word and Excel files.
  • Teams will also stay better informed with engagement progress thanks to updated and improved built-in notifications and status tracking tools.

The ability for a dispersed team to view and edit workpapers in real time gives CPAs greater flexibility in creating, editing and managing work within AuditFile. New features like this will significantly improve how teams stay connected from different locations. When multiple users are editing a file, each can see who else is in the file, as well as any changes or comments as they are made. New capabilities include tickmarks and other customizable annotation tools. These updates are built right into the AuditFile Workpaper Manager for a seamless experience.

The following tutorial videos can be expanded to full screen for optimal viewing by clicking on the full screen button in each video player.

PDF Live Edit

Users can now collaborate and edit PDF files (with tickmarks) in real time! See the tutorial video for more information.

Microsoft Office Online Editing

AuditFile features integration with Microsoft Office Online, giving you the ability to create and edit Word (.docx) and Excel (.xlsx) files within the workpaper section of any procedure. To create a new file, simply click on the Word or Excel icons that appear in the workpaper section. Any compatible files that you upload will show the live edit link that will automatically launch the online version in a new browser tab. See the tutorial video for more information.

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